Sunwest Aviation Achieves 86% in Energy Savings with Intelligent LED Fixtures and SiteWorx Tune

Digital Lumens Wireless Sensor Network Enables Advanced Lighting and Instruments for the IIoT

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Sunwest Aviation provides its customers with a full range of business aviation services which include charter, aircraft management, cargo, fractional ownership, aircraft sales, and acquisitions and consulting services. When the 1000-watt metal halide fixtures in two of the four Sunwest aircraft hangars started to wear out and became so noisy they gave some employees headaches and forced others to wear earplugs, Ground Operations Manager, Tim Piper sought a better solution. Because the Provincial Government incentivizes businesses with rebates to outfit their facilities with sustainable lighting solutions, Tim knew efficiency would be a top criterion. In order to increase workplace comfort and ultimately productivity, Sunwest needed LED fixtures and lighting controls that made minimal noise.


Calgary, Alberta

Facility Size

51,200 ft2


Aviation Hangar

Installation Type


Lighting Choice

DLE intelligent LED high-bay fixtures

IIoT Solution

SiteWorx Tune

Lighting Energy Savings


Why Digital Lumens?

With those objectives in mind, Digital Lumens was the clear choice to retrofit solutions for the 51,200 ft2 Sunwest facility thanks to its intelligent LED fixtures. DLE intelligent LED high-bay fixtures, provide superior efficiency and control in the most demanding customer environments and are also a high-performance alternative to the uncontrolled LED, fluorescent, and HID high-bay fixtures. DLE fixtures are incredibly flexible thanks to:

   • Lumen output from 12,521 to 54,830 lm

   • Narrow, Wide, Aisle, and Diffuse optic options

   • Rotatable light bars

   • Direct/indirect lighting distribution options

Every Digital Lumens fixture, including the DLE, contains embedded sensors which work in tandem with advanced software applications to instrument facilities for the Industrial IoT and provide value beyond illumination. SiteWorx Tune, Digital Lumens’ IIoT lighting control application, uses smart sensors and advanced, cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, and maintain safe, comfortable light levels.


The Results

Through the combination of DLE intelligent LED fixtures, and SiteWorx Tune, Tim was able to implement advanced lighting strategies such as task tuning and progressive dimming to drive a drastic reduction in lighting energy usage and spend. The company saved 86% on their lighting energy costs and are on track to save 45,286 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. Sunwest Aviation can now illuminate specific areas within each hangar, like the main walkways, only when there is activity, instead of choosing between shutting the lights off completely or running them continuously. Energy use verification and robust reporting functionality also allow Sunwest Aviation to effectively monitor real-time electricity usage and compare it with historical data points to identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for further savings.

Those up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities help Tim to easily provide accurate, real-time, and historical updates to his CEO and CFO. With the extremely quiet DLE fixtures, productivity and employee comfort has improved, as team members no longer experience headaches from light fixtures sounds and can more easily communicate with each other across the hangar. Thanks to the significant increase in energy savings, and a positive response by employees to the quieter workspace, Sunwest plans to retrofit the rest of their hangars — another 51,200 ft2 — with DLE fixtures and SiteWorx Tune

Beyond the Numbers

WITH INTELLIGENT LEDS AND SITEWORX TUNE, Sunwest Aviation hangars are instrumented for the IIoT, allowing them to leverage the full SiteWorx suite of applications to do the following:

Accurately forecast utility costs for the upcoming quarter or year through power metering.

Gain detailed visibility into facility conditions through environmental monitoring.

Automate manual tasks throughout a facility, site or enterprise.

The system exceeded my expectations with the savings. You really don’t know how much energy you’re using until you look at the math.

- Tim Piper, Ground Operations Manager

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