Discover how SiteWorx business intelligence software and our sensor-based solutions combine to create next-generation smart buildings, and safer, more productive businesses.

Lighting Control

SiteWorx Tune uses sensor-based intelligence and advanced software to maximize energy savings and improve employee productivity and safety.

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Environmental Monitoring

A one-of-a-kind environmental monitoring solution, SiteWorx Sense tracks, reports, and verifies temperature and humidity to create a smarter building.

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Power Metering

An energy monitoring application, SiteWorx Amp measures and analyzes non-lighting energy usage to create more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective smart building.

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Space Optimization

An occupancy and path tracking solution, SiteWorx Area delivers insight into how physical space can be better utilized for a smarter building.

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Building Security

A smart building security system, SiteWorx Secure uses facility-wide IoT sensors to keep assets and employees safe at all times.

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