LightRules® Power

Visibility Beyond Lighting

LightRules® Power integrates energy-use data from any system into the familiar LightRules interface. Leveraging the intelligent lighting network, users can easily monitor process and non-process power consumption in a single view.

By gathering real-time data from multiple systems, LightRules Power gives facility managers visibility into all energy loads, and provides the data to drive informed decisions about resource optimization and utilization.

Product Features

LightRules Power makes it possible for facility management teams to:

  • LR Power ScreenMeasure energy use for any machinery, system, or circuit
  • Monitor energy costs by system or building
  • Provide a holistic view of all electrical loads
  • Manage energy use to avoid peak load charges
  • Analyze and optimize equipment utilization rates based on energy data


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Case Study

Atlas Global SolutionsAchieves Productivity Gains with LightRules Power

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