LightRules® Insight

Multi-Site View of Lighting & Energy Data

LightRules® Insight is a highly secure, cloud-based solution that centralizes lighting and energy data from multiple facilities into a single, integrated view for enterprise-wide visibility and key operational reports.

Consolidating LightRules data allows easy comparison and benchmarking of lighting energy from site to site. Dynamic views provide an important feedback vehicle for evaluating performance and identifying opportunities for further efficiency.

LightRules Insight

LightRules Insight Comparison Report – Line Graph

Product Features

For managers responsible for multiple sites, LightRules Insight delivers a portfolio-wide window into key operational data and performance metrics, including cost, energy use, occupancy, and intensity. Whether viewing pure data, or normalized, application-specific reports across sites, Insight provides:

  • An intuitive dashboard view of all facilities
  • Ability to compare efficiency and energy usage data from multiple facilities
  • Highly secure, cloud-based architecture for reliability, access control
  • Easily shared report links for organization-wide visibility into key performance metrics
  • Convenient software as a services (SaaS) delivery for seamless upgrades


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