LightRules® Emergency Management Solution

With LightRules lighting management software from Digital Lumens, life-safety testing is fully automated for battery-backup-enabled fixtures. Users can schedule automated tests, monitor performance, and document results of battery backup units.

Code-Compliant Emergency Lighting

For facility management professionals, life-safety testing and reporting is an ongoing burden. To ensure compliance, facilities must test each fixture regularly. With battery backup installed, DLE fixtures provide NFPA-compliant and EN-compliant emergency lighting in the event of an interruption to facility power, ensuring employee safety. LightRules performs monthly short tests to establish basic functionality and annual long tests to gauge remaining battery capacity.

Seamless Fixture Testing

Automated life-safety testing eliminates the expensive and cumbersome process of testing individual fixtures manually. With a few clicks, facility managers can schedule emergency lighting tests to occur at convenient times, avoiding disruptions to building operations and employee productivity.

Easy Fixture Monitoring

During testing, LightRules alerts facility managers if battery backup units require attention, and prompts them to perform preventative maintenance.

Simplified Record Keeping

LightRules provides easy access to comprehensive reports of all monthly and annual tests. This eliminates the need to store reports manually and enables quick reference to demonstrate compliance.


Overview – LightRules Emergency Management Solution


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