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Make Any Light Intelligent

Digital Light Agents (DLAs) extend Digital Lumens’ patented intelligence to virtually any fixture by any manufacturer. Adaptable for a broad range of applications, DLAs deliver:

  • Maximum energy savings via integrated sensing, wireless networking, and software optimization,
  • Performance validation with utility-grade energy metering,
  • Optimal illumination levels for task performance and safety, and
  • A real-time stream of actionable facility usage and environmental data.

DLAs are standalone multi-strategy controls equipped with occupancy and daylight sensors, and full-range dimming capability. Once retrofitted with DLAs, the lighting behavior of an individual fixture or group of fixtures can be fine-tuned to provide the right amount of light for the task below. Each DLA communicates wirelessly with LightRules, providing detailed operational insight to optimize savings and productivity facility-wide.


Designed to integrate directly into third-party fixtures.


Designed for mounting on a NEMA 4 junction box in challenging environments.


Designed for mounting on a standard junction box or through a ceiling tile.


Designed to integrate into the Philips EvoKit SR retrofit line.


Introduction to the DLA Product Family from Digital Lumens on Vimeo.



DLA Sensors:

SpecsDLA-I Spec Sheet

SpecsDLA-S Spec Sheet

SpecsDLA-R Spec Sheet

SpecsDLA-E Spec Sheet


DLA Adapters:

SpecsDLA-FA Spec Sheet

One Line DiagramsOne Line Diagrams

SpecsDLA-CA Spec Sheet

One Line DiagramsOne Line Diagrams



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