New Fixtures Bring Signature Efficiency, Flexibility and Control to Areas Currently Illuminated With Fluorescent Tube Fixtures

Boston, May 20, 2014Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, today announced the availability of its new LLE family of intelligent linear LED luminaires.

LLEs are four-foot linear fixtures optimized one-for-one replacements of legacy one-lamp and 2-lamp (1L and 2L) T5/T8/T12 fixtures that offer all the advantages of intelligent lighting — maximum efficiency, flexibility, and control — to new applications. This versatile new line is available in 3,000 and 6,000 lumen output and in 4,000K and 5,000K color temperatures. LLEs can be installed individually or mounted end-to-end, and communicate with LightRules, Digital Lumens’ energy and management software. The energy savings, controllability and lifetime make them a highly attractive, maintenance-free alternative to fluorescent tubes, without the risks of mercury or glass.

“We continue to strategically build out our intelligent fixture portfolio to meet the needs of our expanding global customer base,” said Colin Piepgras, Digital Lumens’ Vice President of Engineering. “The market has embraced intelligent LED luminaires and is now looking for a broader range of intelligent fixtures for both commercial and industrial applications.”

“LLEs give us tremendous opportunity to expand the Digital Lumens footprint in our retrofit and new construction projects,” said Rick Kolber, Kopa Group, a Digital Lumens Authorized Reseller. “Our customers, particularly those with existing Digital Lumens systems who want to blanket their facility with LightRules coverage, are excited for the arrival of these highly controllable and efficient linear fixtures and the flexibility they offer in a range of environments not currently served by high bay fixtures. Digital Lumens again sets the bar, as the LLEs allow us to leverage LightRules for maximal control while further minimizing ROI.  ”

In related press, Digital Lumens also announced two additional products to enable Intelligence Everywhere, a strategic framework for bringing Intelligent Lighting Systems to all types of commercial, retail and other environments.

About Digital Lumens
Digital Lumens is redefining lighting with intelligent LED systems and services that bring the Internet of Lights – part of the Internet of Things – to our customers across more than 100 million square feet of space worldwide. The Intelligent Lighting System, based on LightRules management platform and patented intelligence integrated into any lighting fixture, provides unmatched control, efficiency, performance and visibility across entire operations. For more information, please visit or follow Digital Lumens on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.