New 13,000-Lumen Intelligent LED fixture delivers even greater lighting energy savings

Boston, Mass., May 23, 2012 — Digital Lumens, developer of the market-leading Intelligent LED Lighting System, today announced LightRules 2.0 and a new 13,000-lumen intelligent fixture. Designed for a broad range of high bay industrial lighting applications – manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage, maintenance depots, hangars, and others – the Intelligent LED Lighting System’s expanded capabilities give facility managers a broader set of tools for managing lighting resources, and greater fixture flexibility when replacing aging HID and HIF lights, or specifying LEDs for new construction.

LightRules 2.0 Improves Lighting Control and Insight

LightRules 2.0, the latest version of the Digital Lumens lighting management software, offers an enhanced set of management, reporting and analysis capabilities, including interactive facility mapping, ‘what-if’ analysis, and baseline reporting for evaluating lighting scenarios. These are in addition to the daylight harvesting capabilities and other scheduling and reporting capabilities already in LightRules.

  • Interactive facility mapping uses the building floor plan as a visual framework for managing the lighting system, showing image gradients to highlight fixture use, occupancy patterns, and daylight harvesting usage;
  • ‘What-if’ analysis tools evaluate the impact of different settings – timeouts, dimming – on overall lighting energy use and cost;
  • Baseline measurements are used to understand the lighting energy costs of the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System vs. legacy lighting alternatives (HID/HIF) or plain LED alternatives.

 “LightRules 2.0 gives facility managers the simplest and most powerful way to manage their lighting resources for maximum efficiency,” said Michael Feinstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Lumens. “Our customers have gone from having a breaker switch and a large power bill to having the LightRules dashboard, direct access to all lighting performance information, and minimal lighting bills. Now, with interactive facility maps and other enhancements, LightRules is more powerful and intuitive to use – giving customers even greater value.”

New 13,000-Lumen Fixture

The new 13,000-lumen intelligent LED high bay fixture features three fully aimable and dimmable LED light bars, integrated sensors that assess ambient daylight harvesting and occupancy, the signature Digital Lumens integrated intelligence, and an IP65 washdown rating. As with the 18,000- and 26,000-lumen fixtures, the 13,000-lumen versions are available with narrow or wide optics, and have a color temperature of 5,000K. The Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures carry UL, CE and NOM listings on the entire fixture, and feature a 5-year warranty.

Recent Digital Lumens press

In addition to product line expansion, the company recently announced that the Intelligent Lighting System has been deployed in more than 200 customer sites, and that annual lighting energy savings for all customers is:

  • More than $10 million in industrial lighting costs per year
  • Over 100 million kWh per year
  • The equivalent of decreasing oil consumption by 60,000 barrels per year

 About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens develops Intelligent LED Lighting Systems that are proven to reduce industrial customers’ lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 90 percent.  With this System — smart lights, wirelessly networked together and centrally controlled — the company is defining a new class of networked LED lighting that maximizes both delivered light and energy efficiency. Digital Lumens has been recognized as a 2011 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and a 2011 Global Cleantech 100 Company. For more information, please visit


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