Intelligent Lighting at Barcelona Plant of Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia Recognized as "Best Energy Project of the Year"

Intelligent Lighting at Barcelona Plant of Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia Recognized as “Best Energy Project of the Year”

Developed by Genia Global Energy, it is the largest lighting-based energy savings project in Spain

The energy-efficient lighting retrofit project at the Coca-Cola European Partners plant in Barcelona, designed and engineered by Valencia-based Genia Global Energy, utilizes OSRAM-Digital Lumens technology to create a benchmark in terms of intelligent LED lighting. The project has been awarded the Best Energy Project of the Year Award by the AEE, an international association of energy engineers with a presence in more than 90 countries.

This award, which has been delivered within the framework of the II IENER Congress, recognizes excellence in energy efficiency and sustainability.

In addition to minimizing energy costs and consumption, the intelligent LED fixtures also instrument and network the facility for the Industrial IoT (IIoT), and the smart sensors within each fixture can monitor occupancy and activity trends to generate data that can be used to track activity, improve processes, and optimize the physical layout of the plant.

Through the Second Call of the IDAE aid program for Energy Efficiency Actions in SMEs and Large Enterprises in the Industrial Sector II, the project also received the support of ERDF Funds (European Regional Development Fund).

“The lighting retrofit project, which started in 2017 and will be completed in 2019, is aimed at reducing energy consumption, and the annual savings exceeds 3.5 million kWh per year,” explained Pedro Vinhas, VP Supply Chain of Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia.

The Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia plant in Barcelona was inaugurated in 2006 with 5,500 fluorescent lights, which have now been replaced by 1,300 OSRAM-Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures. The transition to intelligent LED lighting began in 2017 and will culminate this year.

The resulting lighting-based energy savings exceeds 93% compared to the original installation, while installed net power has been reduced by almost half a gigawatt.

Before installing the new fixtures, the project engineers calculated the optimal distribution of intelligent LED fixtures, with the aim of both maximizing savings with minimum luminaires and improving the quality of existing light.

As engineering CEO Gabriel Butler explains: “We created a 3D representation of the Coca-Cola factory and redistributed the intelligent lighting system to see how it behaved. Once this simulation was done, we implemented different measurement systems throughout the factory to analyze the energy consumption, and installed a demonstration system to verify that the actual savings data corresponded to the consumption estimated in the study. “

Intelligent LED Fixtures

OSRAM-Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures are equipped with smart sensors that enable real-time occupancy sensing to help coordinate lighting with the location of employees and activity throughout the plant. The sensors also enable daylight harvesting to take advantage of the natural environmental light, to ensure consistent, efficient, and optimal illumination.

The intelligent luminaires, or smart lights, also create a wireless IIoT network, which allows each light to collect and transmit data about what is happening in the environment. Based on that data, OSRAM-Digital Lumens’ intelligent lighting control software, SiteWorx Tune, enables light levels to be customized and automated, so that the appropriate level and intensity of light for the safety of workers is always maintained.

Analysis of the data collected by the luminaries also allows identification of  operating and occupancy patterns of the plant, which allows continuous improvement of processes that enable further reduction in energy consumption, without compromising lighting quality.

“The new lighting, in addition to being much more efficient, allows luminaire-level control so we can easily customize settings based on the hours of presence of the staff. This allows the lighting to be managed automatically, but with great precision, “says Pedro Vinhas.

“With this installation, Coca-Cola European Partners has been able to improve the lighting quality in its facilities, optimize the patterns and the distribution of the lighting to reinforce the safety of the workers, and reduce the energy consumption of the plant,” he concludes.


Coca-Cola European Partners plc (CCEP) is a leading European company in the mass market sector that produces, distributes and markets a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, and is the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the world by revenue.

Coca-Cola European Partners serves a population of more than 300 million people in 13 countries of Western Europe, which includes Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Holland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. The Company is listed on the Euronext stock exchanges in Amsterdam, New York, Euronext London and on the Spanish stock exchanges with the “CCE” ticker.

Spain, Portugal and Andorra become the Iberian division of the new bottler, with a staff of about 4,400 employees, more than 450,000 customers and a total of 143 million consumers, of which 85 million are tourists.

The Iberian division of CCEP markets, in Spain, 21 different brands with more than 110 products and more than 270 references. In the Iberian territory, it has eight soda factories and distributes natural mineral water from five springs.


It is an independent Spanish energy engineering company, based in Valencia and with an international presence, dedicated to developing projects for the generation of renewable energy and its management, use and exploitation by applying the latest technologies.

The company has developed projects in more than 10 countries that are firmly committed to unlimited natural resources as a source of energy and its rational and efficient use.


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