Intelligence Everywhere Framework Maximizes Lighting Efficiency and Operational Intelligence 

Boston, May 20, 2014Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, today unveiled a suite of new products designed to enable Intelligence Everywhere, a strategic framework for bringing Intelligent Lighting Systems to all types of commercial, retail and other environments.

Intelligence Everywhere makes it possible to leverage LightRules®, Digital Lumens’ energy and intelligence platform, in environments including offices, retail, structured parking and other commercial spaces where lighting control and distributed sensing bring value and efficiency. With this approach, customers maximize lighting efficiency, control, and utilization, and have easy access to detailed metrics on lighting and key building performance indicators in individual or multiple facilities.

New products include:

  • LightRules Insight is a cloud-based multi-facility management solution to provide integrated view of operations and energy, and the newest addition to the flagship LightRules facility-based energy and intelligence software family;
  • The Digital Light Agent product family, is a stand-alone controls solution that that makes any fixture type from any manufacturer “LightRules Ready” and part of an Intelligent Lighting System; and
  • LLE Family, a new family of linear LED fixtures in 3,000 and 6,000 lumen output versions that serve a variety of commercial, industrial and retail applications.

“Our original vision of intelligent lighting as a platform for efficiency and distributed, building-wide intelligence has proven tremendously successful in the marketplace, and has been widely adopted,” said Mark Komenacky, Vice President of Marketing and Products of Digital Lumens. “With this new strategic framework, we are expanding the reach of our Intelligent Lighting System into a broad range of new commercial environments, and making the system applicable to large new customer markets where shorter paybacks will help accelerate LED adoption.”

For more details on individual products related today please see the following press releases: LightRules Insight, Digital Light Agent, and LLE fixture family.

About Digital Lumens
Digital Lumens is redefining lighting with intelligent LED systems and services that bring the Internet of Lights – part of the Internet of Things – to our customers across more than 100 million square feet of space worldwide. The Intelligent Lighting System, based on LightRules management platform and patented intelligence integrated into any lighting fixture, provides unmatched control, efficiency, performance and visibility across entire operations. For more information, please visit or follow Digital Lumens on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


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