Boston, Mass., Feb. 18, 2014 – Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED systems, today announced the expansion of the DLE line of intelligent LED fixtures, with a new 48,000 lumen fixture, 4000K color temperature versions, and aisle and diffuse optics for the 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 lumen fixtures.

The 48,000 lumen DLE is ideal for sites currently illuminated with 1,000-Watt metal halide fixtures – arenas, convention centers, large manufacturing facilities, shipbuilding, aircraft hangars, and other facilities with extremely high ceiling heights (>50 ft./15m). This segment has not had a broad range of energy-efficient or control options, due to long warm-up or ‘restrike’ times of legacy fixtures, which negate the benefits of intelligence and controls. The 48,000 lumen DLE maximizes delivered light, energy efficiency, and control, while virtually eliminating maintenance costs, which can be particularly high in these environments.

Digital Lumens’ new 4000K color temperature fixtures, as well as the diffuse optics options, are specifically designed for retail environments, sporting facilities, and other applications that require warmer color temperatures and maximum efficiency with minimal glare.

“Customers’ success with our Intelligent Lighting System in warehouses and distribution environments has created demand to bring the efficiency and control benefits to a broad range of new environments,” said Mark Komanecky, Digital Lumens’ Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “The expanded fixture portfolio addresses the broadest range of customer needs, maximizing light levels and project efficiency in a wide range of environments – from manufacturing to hazardous environments, large sporting arenas, and others.”

The Digital Lumens product family includes the DLE, ILE and HLE fixture families, which feature Digital Lumens’ intelligence in every fixture.

  • The DLE family includes IP52-rated fixtures in 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 and 48,000 lumen output versions – with a broad range of optics options, and color temperature choices for maximum value and flexibility.
  • The ILE family is a rugged group of IP65-rated fixtures rated for use in wet environments and a broad range of operating temperatures. The fixtures are available in 13,000, 18,000 and 26,000 lumen output versions.
  • The HLE family is designed for environments requiring Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, and Class III safety certifications, and is ideal for hazardous environments including grain processing, chemical processing, refineries and others. With an IP65 rating, the HLE fixtures are available in 13,000, 18,000, and 26,000 lumen output versions.

The Intelligent LED Lighting System is proven to deliver lighting energy savings of 90% in customer deployments. All Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures have fully integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors, power monitoring, local intelligence, wireless networking and full integration with Digital Lumens’ LightRules® web-based management software. LightRules gathers data from the intelligent lighting network, provides energy intelligence on lighting performance metrics, is used for managing lighting profiles, as well as for monitoring energy loads from other circuits and systems including HVAC and other industrial machinery.

The Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System is available from Digital Lumens’ network of reseller partners, and lighting representatives.

About Digital Lumens
Digital Lumens is redefining lighting with intelligent LED systems and services that bring the Internet of Lights – part of the Internet of Things – to our customers across more than 100 million square feet of space worldwide. The patented system is setting the standard for efficiency and performance in both retrofits and new construction, saving up to 90% in lighting energy while providing complete control over lighting, and monitoring of other energy loads in customers’ facilities. For more information, please visit Follow Digital Lumens on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


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