Boston, Mass., April 2, 2013 – Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, today introduced a new line of intelligent LED lighting fixtures for hazardous locations, all with the integrated controls that drive the industry’s best energy efficiency and faster payback periods. The company also unveiled a new line of intelligent LED lighting fixtures for retail applications and new 13,000-lumen Xpress LED lighting fixtures that offer occupancy-driven savings. These fixture additions triple the size of the Digital Lumens’ LED lighting catalog.

“This dramatic expansion of the Digital Lumens LED lighting portfolio brings our signature efficiency, flexibility and control to new markets, including industries with particular lighting challenges, such as petrochemicals and volatile processing environments where safety and maintenance are persistent concerns,” said Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens. “With fully integrated controls, we are accelerating the adoption of LEDs in new commercial and industrial markets by delivering unmatched performance, unparalleled value and rapid project payback timeframes. Customers in this $10 billion market will find our Hazardous Location fixtures to be more cost-effective in both initial costs and ongoing energy use, and more functional than current offerings from other vendors.”

The new high bay LED additions to the Digital Lumens product portfolio include:

  • Nine new intelligent high bay LED lighting fixtures for hazardous locations (HLE line), available in 13,000, 18,000 and 26,000 lumen output versions with a variety of optics. These fixtures are suitable for facilities requiring Class I Div2, Class II Div2 and Class III safety certifications.
  • Nine new 4000K intelligent high bay LED lighting fixtures, featuring a warmer color temperature and CRI designed for retail applications – like big-box retail and grocery.
  • Three new 5000K intelligent high bay LED lighting fixtures, featuring a new aisle-optic option available in 13,000, 18,000 and 26,000 lumen output. For environments with dense racking like warehouses, these new optics can reduce the required fixture count by up to 30%, driving down upfront project costs.
  • Two new 13K Xpress fixtures, providing an additional light output option in two optics packages for the 2013 Next Generation Luminaire Best in Class fixture winner. These high bay LED fixtures offer customers simple occupancy-driven efficiency.

Each Digital Lumens intelligent LED lighting fixture is wirelessly integrated with LightRules, the Digital Lumens web-based lighting control and management platform that drives the industry’s highest energy efficiency and lowest overall operating costs. After configuration, LightRules operates in the background, automating scheduling and control tasks. LightRules enables facility staff to maximize lighting energy efficiency by managing lighting system settings to match the business needs, fine-tuning settings as those needs change, and receiving detailed operational reports on key performance metrics, including energy use, facility occupancy, daylight harvesting savings and what-if scenario planning for evaluating the impact of settings changes on future energy use.

Earlier this year, Digital Lumens announced that it has more than 500 large-scale installations of its Intelligent LED Lighting System, and is now saving customers more than $25 million per year by reducing their combined annual energy consumption by over 250 million kWh.

About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens is redefining industrial lighting with intelligent LED lighting systems and service offerings that deliver unmatched energy savings, flexibility and unique value to commercial and industrial customers. Proven in hundreds of facilities to reduce lighting energy use by up to 90%, the patented system is setting the standard for industrial lighting in both retrofits and new construction. For more information, please visit Follow Digital Lumens on Facebook,TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


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