Boston, MA – February 21, 2012 – Digital Lumens today announced its selection as an exhibitor at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, an event hosted by the US Department of Energy to highlight and support development of game-changing energy technologies. Digital Lumens was chosen to demonstrate its highly efficient, LED-based Intelligent Lighting System™ during the event’s Technology Showcase, taking place February 27 – 29 at the Gaylord Convention Center in Washington DC (booth #444).

More than a simple LED light source, the Intelligent Lighting System comprises smart, LED-based fixtures – all with integrated occupancy sensors and intelligence –wirelessly networked and centrally managed. At the Technology Showcase Digital Lumens will display the latest addition to this system – an enhanced LED-based fixture with integrated daylight harvesting capabilities. These new fixtures automatically adjust light output in response to available ambient light, ensuring consistent light levels and even light distribution across an entire facility.

The Intelligent Lighting System reduces industrial facilities’ lighting-related energy use by up to 90%. These levels of energy savings far exceed what can be achieved with simple LEDs alone because the system intelligently delivers the right amount of light precisely where and when needed in large facilities, where lights are typically on 24 x 7 regardless of need.

“Given the many, wide-ranging innovations being explored in energy today, it’s an honor for Digital Lumens to showcase our intelligent LED system alongside the nation’s most promising advancements in the sector,” said Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens. “Until the arrival of LEDs, lighting had been a stagnant technology with limited capability for control beyond on, off or dim. Digital Lumens has built a new generation of industrial lighting around LEDs as inherently controllable and efficient sources, delivering a complete system that intelligently responds to the environment and eliminates wasteful energy use.”

The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit is designed to bring together key players from across the energy ecosystem – researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and government officials – to share ideas for developing and deploying the next generation of energy technologies. More than 240 breakthrough technologies will be on display at the Technology Showcase, including ARPA-E grant winners, finalists and select organizations such as Digital Lumens. Additional information is available at

About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens develops Intelligent LED Lighting Systems that are proven to reduce industrial customers’ lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 90%.  With this System — smart lights, wirelessly networked together and centrally controlled — the company is defining a new class of networked LED lighting that maximizes both delivered light and energy efficiency. Digital Lumens has been recognized as a 2011 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and a 2011 Global Cleantech 100 Company. For more information, please visit