200+ Installations of Intelligent Lighting System Eliminating 71,730 Metric Tons of CO2  Emissions Per Year

Boston, MA – April 4, 2012 – Marking two years since its launch, Digital Lumens today announced the cumulative savings driven by its LED-based Intelligent Lighting System™. The System, which now spans more than 200 large-scale deployments, is saving industrial lighting customers 103 million kilowatt-hours per year, which is equivalent to:

  • Removing 9,000 homes from the grid per year
  • Decreasing oil consumption by 60,000 barrels per year
  • Saving more than $10 million in industrial lighting costs per year (based on the national average of $0.10 per kilowatt-hour and excluding extra savings attributed to reduced maintenance and chiller loads)
  • Displacement of tens of thousands of fluorescent and HID sources, thereby eliminating on-going mercury disposal hazards

“Digital Lumens entered the market in 2010 with the vision and technical expertise to transform industrial lighting from an expensive necessity to a strategic resource that delivers dramatic and immediate energy savings,” said Mike Feinstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Lumens. “Two years later, we’ve proven that our LED-based Intelligent Lighting System can surpass any energy-efficient lighting alternative with savings of up to 90%, while allowing ongoing optimization to meet customers’ changing lighting needs. With an ever-increasing number of corporate sustainability initiatives and local utility incentives, we expect the rate of adoption to continue to accelerate.”

The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System integrates smart LED fixtures that are wirelessly networked and centrally managed to deliver unprecedented efficiency in warehouses, manufacturing and other industrial facilities. By assessing activity patterns and delivering light only when and where needed, the system reduces energy consumption far beyond simply switching to lower fixture wattage alone – eliminating the use of unnecessary light altogether. Additional milestones achieved by the company since launch include:

  • Granting of the company’s first patent for energy-saving intelligent lighting, with other applications pending (see today’s release);
  • Numerous awards for both corporate and product achievements, including the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer distinction, the Global Cleantech 100, and Next Generation Luminaires awards;
  • Continued international expansion to Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada.

Announced customers include many of the leaders in the warehousing, manufacturing, third-party logistics, broadline distribution and other industries: Maines Paper & Foodservice, which is saving 87% on their lighting energy use; United States Cold Storage, which has reduced lighting costs to 3.5 cents per square foot per year; the Wind Technology Testing Center in Massachusetts, which is saving 66% over legacy lighting alternatives; Quandt’s Food Service, and City Markets. Digital Lumens has a worldwide network of partners — energy efficiency consultants that work with customers to address their lighting and other system needs.

About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens develops Intelligent LED Lighting Systems that are proven to reduce industrial customers’ lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 90%.  With this System — smart lights, wirelessly networked together and centrally controlled — the company is defining a new class of networked LED lighting that maximizes both delivered light and energy efficiency. Digital Lumens has been recognized as a 2011 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and a 2011 Global Cleantech 100 Company. For more information, please visit https://www.digitallumens.com.