First in a Series of Service Offerings That Change Delivery, Management, Performance of Lighting

Boston, Mass., October 31, 2012 – Digital Lumens has launched LightRules Monitor, a new remote service that provides ongoing analysis of lighting system performance and actionable recommendations about how to further optimize settings for greater efficiency. Available to customers using LightRules 2.0 lighting management software, LightRules Monitor is the first in a series of service offerings from Digital Lumens.

LightRules Monitor will proactively review a customer’s Digital Lumens implementation and provide monthly reports summarizing system metrics, occupancy patterns, energy consumption, and lighting energy costs and savings. Using analysis of the customer’s actual lighting performance, and comparing this with the compendium of best-practice data, LightRules Monitor will recommend continuous setting changes to drive additional savings or higher levels of performance. As part of the introduction of LightRules Monitor, the service is available at no charge for the initial 12 months.

“An intelligent lighting system unlocks new levels of efficiency and flexibility, as well as entirely new business models,” said Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens. “LightRules Monitor is the logical extension of our solution architecture and leverages our growing knowledge base from over 200 large scale deployments. Our industry is changing rapidly, and LightRules Monitor is the first in a series of Digital Lumens services that expand and improve the delivery, management, and performance of lighting.”

“The Digital Lumens solution is uniquely designed to enable a full portfolio of services,” said Brian Chemel, CTO and Founder of Digital Lumens. “Digital Lumens provides the only complete Intelligent Lighting System that can close the loop from measurement and monitoring to optimization and control. With LightRules Monitor, we pore through the vast amounts of collected data to find the commissioning changes that maximizes energy savings.”

About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens develops Intelligent LED Lighting Systems that are proven to reduce industrial customers’ lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 90%. With this System — smart lights, wirelessly networked and centrally managed — the company is defining a new class of LED lighting that maximizes both delivered light and energy efficiency. For more information, please visit Follow Digital Lumens on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


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