Web-based LightRules™ Software Now Supporting
Granular Peer-to-Peer Control

Boston, Mass., March 5, 2013 – Digital Lumens announced today that LightRules™ lighting control software has been expanded to include new capabilities, including coordinated control.

Wirelessly integrated with the suite of Digital Lumens intelligent high bay LED fixtures, LightRules 2.5 is the Digital Lumens web-based lighting management platform that gives commercial facility managers unprecedented levels of control over lighting resources. The software enables staff to manage lighting system settings to match the business needs, fine-tune settings as those needs change, and receive detailed operational reports on key performance metrics, including energy use, facility occupancy, daylight harvesting savings, and what-if scenario planning for evaluating the impact of settings changes on future energy use.

Coordinated control enables lights to work in concert so that a sensor event (like occupancy) in one light can cause other lights to respond likewise. This option is particularly useful in cell-based and other manufacturing environments where facility managers need groups of lights to respond simultaneously – over a piece of machinery, for example. In a distribution setting, an entire aisle’s lights can be triggered once the forklift enters the head of the aisle.

“Wirelessly integrated with every light in a network, LightRules is unmatched in its ability to provide the most granular lighting control possible, which enables facility managers to precisely align lighting behaviors with facility needs,” said Michael Feinstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Lumens. “Digital Lumens is committed to providing an extensible platform that leverages our distributed intelligence and centralized management.”

About Digital Lumens

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