Intelligent Lighting System Integrates LEDs, Networking and Software to Reduce Energy Use up to 90%

Boston, MA, March 16, 2010: Digital Lumens today announced availability of the industry’s first Intelligent Lighting System, combining LEDs, networking and software to reduce lighting-related energy use by up to 90% in warehouses and industrial facilities.  A dramatic step forward in energy-efficient lighting, the Digital Lumens system enables customers to reduce costs, improve light delivery and meet sustainability targets.

Digital Lumens has created a new platform for energy-efficient lighting.  The solution includes best-of-breed, LED-based fixtures, each with on-board computing, sensing and built-in intelligence.  When deployed, the fixtures form a Smart Light Grid™ – a lighting network – with system-wide intelligence and integrated controls that deliver energy-efficiency results that far surpass the results achievable with single ‘dumb’ fixtures.

“The lighting market – driven by demand for radical energy-efficiency improvements and the rapid rise of LEDs – is poised for transformation in the decade ahead,” said Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens.  “For warehouses and industrial operations, which typically spend $1 per square foot per year on lighting, retrofits with Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System are the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the bottom line and reduce the carbon footprint, while improving light quality.  By integrating the latest generations of lighting, networking and controls into a single solution, Digital Lumens has taken a fundamentally different approach that successfully reduces customers’ energy consumption, and gives facilities the ability to manage lighting as a strategic asset.”

Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System

Designed to address the particular needs of the rugged industrial environment, the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System lowers energy load and creates a platform for effective management of lighting resources.  The system consists of:

  • Intelligent Light Engines – Intended as one-for-one replacements of 400W HID, HPS and T5 or T8 fluorescent fixtures, Digital Lumens Intelligent Light Engines (ILEs) are white-light LED-based luminaires that provide desired light levels on the target surface, while minimizing kWh consumption. Easy to install, each ILE has a built-in Digital Light Agent – an on-board computer – as well as sensors and wireless mesh networking capabilities that share key information across the system.
  • Smart Light Grid – Digital Lumens Intelligent Light Engines form a Smart Light Grid – a lighting network – that enables all fixtures in the system to communicate with each other, respond to a neighboring fixture’s state and/or system-wide programming, and provide usage and occupancy data to the Light Rules management system.
  • LightRules – Digital Lumens’ intuitive control and energy management software gives facility managers the tools to effectively manage their lighting resources and energy use. They are able to specify system behavior, receive up-to-the-minute kWh consumption details by fixture/zone/day/shift and control the entire system for maximum energy efficiency. LightRules also provides the ability to respond to demand response calls and integrate with warehouse management, energy carbon accounting or other third-party systems.

Early Industry Recognition

Digital Lumens’ Intelligent Lighting Engine was a “Recognized Winner” in the Industrial Category of the 2009 Next Generation Luminaires competition. Jointly organized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the program is part of a broad initiative to advance solid-state lighting technology and adoption. The awards were presented in February 2010.

The Digital Lumens Team

The Digital Lumens management team brings extensive experience from the solid-state lighting, networking and software industries, and a proven track record of starting and building successful enterprises. Co-founders Brian Chemel, Chief Technology Officer, and Colin Piepgras, Director of Engineering, previously held senior positions at Color Kinetics, a pioneer of LED illumination systems. President and CEO, Tom Pincince, was previously President, CEO and Founder of Brix Networks, and Founder of New Oak Communications, a pioneering leader in Virtual Private Network (VPN) switches.

Digital Lumens has raised $11.3 million in financing to date from energy-tech investors, including Black Coral Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners and Stata Venture Partners.

“Energy efficiency and sustainability have become key initiatives within organizations that recognize the importance – economic, environmental and social – of taking action now,” said Jon Karlen, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners. “From corporations to the Department of Energy, all eyes are on reducing energy consumption nationwide.  By integrating multiple technologies into a complete system, Digital Lumens is well positioned to help customers meet their efficiency objectives while transforming the lighting market.”

About Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens develops LED-based Intelligent Lighting Systems that reduce industrial customers’ electricity expenses up to 90% and transform industrial lighting into a powerful platform for improved control, efficiency and operational insight.  Incorporating intelligent local control, centralized control and custom-designed LED-based luminaires into a single system, the company is defining a new class of lighting solution for customers. For more information, please visit

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