After 10-Year Search, New High Bay Lighting System First to Meet Rigorous Evaluation Criteria and Deliver 75% Energy Savings 

Boston, Mass., October 2, 2012 – Creed Monarch, a contract manufacturing facility in New Britain, CT, has recently deployed the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, and is achieving 75% energy savings. Creed Monarch selected the company’s networked LED system for the ability to control all fixtures, manage lighting levels, and to maximize energy efficiencies. Energy Services Group from Marion, CT, a Digital Lumens Certified Partner, is Creed Monarch’s energy efficiency partner.

Creed Monarch evaluated fluorescents as replacements in the facility, but control was not adequate, and they had concerns about lights burning out quickly. Earlier LEDs were costly, difficult to install and did not have controls. After a three-month evaluation of the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, Creed Monarch decided to replace all 332 400W HPS fixtures in its 140,000 sq. foot facility.

“The decision to upgrade our lighting was really a ten-year process. We saw countless proposals and new technologies through the years, but Digital Lumens was the first to address our need for control of individual fixtures,” said Richard Creed, President of Creed Monarch. “Digital Lumens provided the only lights with controls and sensing that were two generations ahead of anything we saw. We are able to dim, shut off and customize light levels without affecting the life or performance of the light. We want to see Digital Lumens succeed with us, and we are looking at this as a long-term relationship.”

Creed Monarch sees the top three benefits of the move to Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System as energy savings, level of control, and quality of lighting. “Instant on/off, dimming on-demand by zones, and control of individual fixtures was a key point in our decision to select Digital Lumens,” said Paul Stawarz, Production Manager at Creed Monarch. “We are already seeing significant energy savings, and we now have light that renders true colors and power needed to read details on contract order specs and evaluate finished products in our busy production environment.”

Current energy savings are estimated at 75% and projected to reach up to 90% within the first year as the management team continues to fine-tune lighting settings. With projected energy savings of 1,036,669 kWh annually or $108,436 at $0.1046 per kWh, the company is on-track to secure a rapid payback. Connecticut Light & Power provided the project incentive.

Daily work activity at Creed Monarch centers on the machines, or cells, required to complete specific customer orders. At any given time, individual workstations, groups of machines, aisles or storage spaces are frequently unoccupied, providing opportunities to dim or turn off lights to maximize energy savings. Using the Intelligent Lighting System’s integrated LightRules lighting management software, Creed Monarch is now able to fine-tune its lighting to match these work patterns while safely eliminating unused light.

Creed Monarch is further impressed by the Intelligent Lighting System’s ability to operate in high temperatures under their steel roof, and to withstand environmental effects of working in a facility that can contain oily misting from some machines.

“The Creed Monarch team developed a stringent set of evaluation criteria, and we are proud that they, in concert with Energy Services Group, chose the Intelligent Lighting System,” said Michael Feinstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Lumens. “We are thrilled to work with such a forward-thinking facilities management and executive team, and look forward to delivering the energy savings and lighting control to maximize efficiency across their busy operations.”

About Creed Monarch

Established in 1953 and located in New Britain, Connecticut, Creed Monarch specializes in the contract manufacturing of precision machined ferrous and non-ferrous alloy components. Creed Monarch is ISO9000.2000 Certified. More information is available at

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