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SiteWorx combines intelligent lighting, smart sensors and devices, and software to create a facility-wide Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform that delivers real-world ROI through advanced controls, analysis, and insight.

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Simple, Scalable IIoT

Through intelligent LED fixtures and industrial smart sensors, SiteWorx delivers energy-based cost savings, instruments for the IIoT, and transforms any facility, site, or enterprise into a source of insightful, actionable data.

SiteWorx also delivers the controls and reporting you need to turn that data into real-world ROI. With a fully-integrated cloud solution, real-time activity and insights are collected from across your spaces and made instantly available via intuitive, easy-to-use lighting control and facility management software.

Real-World Value

Control, automate, and optimize energy usage, monitor and maintain peak environmental conditions, or leverage occupancy and process attribute data to hone operations, tackle preventative maintenance opportunities, or avoid unplanned downtime. With SiteWorx, it’s easy to customize, launch, and expand sensor-based smart building and IIoT solutions that address challenges specific to your organization and improve cost efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Sitework, an Industrial IoT (IIoT) suite of software applications.

Facility Insight from Anywhere

Industrial smart sensors automate the collection of critical facility data, while detailed reporting offers the real-time and historical insight necessary to identify opportunities for improvement across all aspects of your business. With SiteWorx, you can also control and access lighting and other sensor-based inputs remotely through web, tablet, or mobile devices, and ensure that your facility is running on all cylinders no matter where you are.

LightRules: Localized Lighting Management

For facilities that require a local, code-compliant lighting management system, our award-winning LightRules platform combines intelligent LED lighting and advanced software to improve energy efficiency, productivity, and safety through multi-strategy lighting control.

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Digital Lumens’ Industrial IoT solutions deliver energy savings, unlock operational insight, and create new value streams. How can SiteWorx help your facility be more productive?


Intelligent LED lighting control.

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Facility and process monitoring.

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Space optimization.

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Intelligent LED Luminaires

Fully-integrated and wirelessly networked fixtures are the most energy efficient LED lighting solution, and feature Digital Lumens’ signature control and intelligence.

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Lighting Controls

Standalone lighting controls bring Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence to virtually any interior fixture, delivering unprecedented control and operational insight.

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SiteWorx Devices

Industrial smart sensors that enable environmental monitoring, machine-level power metering, unprecedented insight into previously invisible spaces across your facility, and more.

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