Next-Generation Business Intelligence


Our innovative SiteWorx technology combines connected lighting, IoT sensors, and software to create next-generation smart buildings.

A Simple, Scalable Smart Building Solution

The IoT isn’t just the future of business intelligence, but the present. Through connected lighting and a wealth of sensors, SiteWorx transforms any building, facility, or enterprise into a source of insightful, actionable data.

Control and optimize energy usage, monitor and maintain peak environmental conditions, or track and leverage occupancy data to hone operations. With SiteWorx, it’s easy to customize, launch, and expand sensor-based IoT solutions that improve cost efficiency, productivity, and safety across your organization.

Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

Sensors are critical to any IoT initiative or smart building, but are only part of the solution. SiteWorx also delivers the reporting and insight you need to turn data into real-world ROI. With a fully-integrated cloud solution, the data you need is collected from across your spaces and instantly analyzed to help you discover new operational efficiencies.

Control Your Facility from Anywhere

Sensor-based intelligence and detailed reporting offer the insight necessary to identify opportunities for improvement across all aspects of your business. With SiteWorx, you can control lighting and other sensor-based inputs remotely, and ensure that your facility is running on all cylinders no matter where you are.

We believe that every environment can be smarter, safer, and more productive. Explore our applications for the solution that best suits your site.


Intelligent LED lighting control and management.

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Environmental sensing for temperature and humidity.

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Manage and optimize non-lighting energy usage.

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Intelligent LED Fixtures

Fully-integrated and wirelessly networked fixtures are the most energy efficient LED lighting solution, and feature Digital Lumens’ signature control and intelligence.

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Lighting Controls

Standalone lighting controls bring Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence to virtually any interior fixture, delivering unprecedented control and operational insight.

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Experience the power and simplicity of SiteWorx

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