…It’s More Uptime and Productivity

Protect against costly unplanned downtime and lost productivity. Monitor utility usage,
machine behavior, and environmental conditions through data, track anomalies,
and configure alarms to send notifications when data points stray outside of your
established range to identify and act on potential problems

Blog: 5 Things Facility Managers Should Know About the IIoT 

…It’s a

You can be everywhere at once. Access a real-time or historical view of what’s happening across your facility, site or enterprise. Leverage your data to create utility consumption benchmarks, track activity-based costs, set up preventive maintenance indicators, identify new profit opportunities and refine operational processes.

Infographic: How the IIoT Turns Data
into Real-World ROI

…It’s an Increase in
Operational Savings

Create new savings around crucial utilities like water, air, gas, electricity and steam (W.A.G.E.S). Through environmental monitoring, you can identify potential leaks, unexpected waste, and opportunities for utility conservation in any part of your facility including production, warehouse, auxiliary areas
and offices

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...It's Value Beyond Lighting

How to Instrument the IIoT Across Any Facility, Site, or Enterprise

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