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Industrial IoT 101

Discover why, and how, forward-thinking organizations across the world rely on the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to deliver the data and insights necessary to maximize energy savings, streamline operational processes, avoid unplanned downtime, and more.

IIoT Basics: How Power Metering and Monitoring Create a More Efficient Facility

Blog | Do you need to increase your facility’s energy savings? Data from IIoT-driven power metering and power monitoring provides a clear snapshot of how, when, and where energy waste can be eliminated so you can reach (or exceed) savings and sustainability goals.

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4 IIoT-Driven Efficiencies Your Business Might Be Missing

BlogCan the IIoT help you run a more efficient and productive business? Learn how  you can achieve massive savings on important utilities like water, air, gas, electricity, and steam, reach sustainability goals, and more with IIoT-compatible smart sensors and software solutions.

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Manage Utilities More Efficiently with the IIoT

Blog | The IIoT enables monitoring of key utilities like water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (W.A.G.E.S.) in order to proactively identify waste or leaks. Discover how through data trends and anomalies, you can gain visibility into where there are utility savings opportunities.

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5 Common Questions on the Industrial IoT

Blog | With instrumentation that includes connected devices, a wireless network and software, the IIoT can bring about both opportunity and confusion. Get answers to questions about IIoT operation, streamlining an implementation, harnessing big data and getting the most of the technology for your organization.

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3 Ways the IIoT Helps to Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Blog | Whenever a production line comes to an unplanned stop, the operation can lose money and productivity. Discover how the IIoT can help to avoid unplanned downtime through preventative maintenance indicators.

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How the IIoT Turns Data into Real-World ROI

Infographic | Globally, the IIoT is a popular topic because of the efficiency it can add to business. How does this technology actually bring about real-world value? Gain better understanding on how the IIoT can increase energy savings, uptime, productivity, and more.

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5 Things Facility Managers Should Know About the IIoT

Blog | As a facility manager, your day is spent walking the whole facility to address a variety of responsibilities, projects and unplanned occurrences. Discover how the IIoT can help you be everywhere at once through the automation of manual tasks,  detailed utility monitoring and more.

Sunwest Aviation Achieves 86% in Energy Savings

Case Study | Sunwest Aviation needed a new lighting solution because their fixtures were inefficient and gave employees headaches. Learn how they achieved 86% in annual energy savings, improved working conditions, and instrumented the IIoT.

4 Ways Smart Lighting Can Benefit Your Business

Blog | Sensor-based lighting fixtures can achieve massive energy savings but their greater value is beyond illumination because they instrument a broader IIoT solution. Learn more about the benefits of intelligent lighting.

How the IIoT Can Improve Business Operations

White Paper | Can your business operate more efficiently? Businesses across the globe are adopting the IIoT to remain competitive in a world where customer expectations are high and lead time is shrinking. Learn how the IIoT can automate manual tasks, achieve significant energy savings, create more productive processes and more.

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5 (More) Common Questions About the Industrial IoT

Blog | As a continuation of  the “5 Common Questions About the IIoT” post, discover the differences between Industry 4.0 and the IIoT, challenges during implementation, the future of the IIoT in business, and more. Get the answers to your IIoT questions.

The Value of a Cross-Functional IIoT Team

Blog | Learn why each department within a company has crucial knowledge to contribute to an IIoT project and how they can all benefit from the technology by achieving significant energy savings, gaining new data insights on production and operations, automating manual tasks, and more.

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