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How to Create an Airtight Case for the IIoT

Blog | The IIoT presents unmatched opportunity to create new operational efficiencies, but getting senior leadership’s backing can be challenging. Discover how to build a thorough and data-driven case on how an IIoT solution can add real-world value to your company.

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5 Common Questions on the Industrial IoT

Blog | With instrumentation that includes connected devices, a wireless network and software, the IIoT can bring about both opportunity and confusion. Get answers to crucial questions about IIoT operation, streamlining an implementation, harnessing big data and getting the most of the technology for your organization.

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5 Things Facility Managers Should Know About the IIoT

Blog | Facility managers have several key responsibilities like the optimization crucial utilities (Water, air, gas, electricity and steam), compliance with safety laws, and the maintenance of equipment. Through the Industrial IoT (IIoT), a wireless network of smart sensors and connected devices which automatically captures data trends and anomalies, facility managers can gain rapid (and real-time) insight into potential energy savings opportunities and potential problems.

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How the IIoT Can Improve Business Operations

White Paper | Can your business operate more efficiently? Businesses across the globe are adopting the IIoT to remain competitive in a world where customer expectations are high and lead time is shrinking. Learn how the IIoT can automate manual tasks, achieve significant energy savings, create more productive processes and more.

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5 (More) Common Questions About the Industrial IoT

Blog | As a continuation of  the “5 Common Questions About the IIoT” post, discover the differences between Industry 4.0 and the IIoT, challenges during implementation, the future of the IIoT in business, and more. Get the answers to your IIoT questions.

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The Value of a Cross-Functional IIoT Team

Blog | Learn why each department within a company has crucial knowledge to contribute to an IIoT project and how they can all benefit from the technology by achieving significant energy savings, gaining new data insights on production and operations, automating manual tasks, and more.

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