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Facility Management & the Industrial IoT

Discover how facility management can benefit from the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and data to more efficiently achieve sustainability goals, maintain product quality, avoid unplanned downtime, minimize waste, and more.

IIoT Basics: How Data-Driven Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Can Increase Uptime

Blog | 82% of machines break down due to random or unknown factors. Data generated from IIoT-compatible sensors increases visibility into machine and motor health so that maintenance can be performed before you encounter unplanned downtime.

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IIoT Basics: How Power Metering and Monitoring Create a More Efficient Facility

Blog | Will your facility reach its efficiency goals? With data from IIoT-driven power metering and power monitoring, eliminate energy waste so you can achieve (or go beyond) the facility’s savings and sustainability goals.

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4 IIoT-Driven Efficiencies Your Business Might Be Missing

Blog | Can the IIoT help you achieve your facility goals? Learn how you can increase utilities savings, avoid unplanned downtime, and run a more sustainable facility with IIoT-compatible smart sensors and software solutions.

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5 Things To Know About the IIoT

Blog | As a facility manager, your day is jam-packed with several key responsibilities across different parts of the facility. Learn how the IIoT can help you be everywhere at once through the automation of manual tasks, detailed utility monitoring and more.

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3 Ways the IIoT Helps to Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Blog | Anytime a production line stops unexpectedly, it costs money and threatens productivity. Discover how the IIoT can keep your operation up and running with preventative maintenance indicators.

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Manage Utilities More Efficiently with the IIoT

Blog | Individual incidents of utilities waste may seem minor but collectively can make a big dent in the budget. Through the IIoT, closely monitor and manage utilities to meet long-term efficiency goals and create savings opportunities.

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How the IIoT Turns Data into Real-World ROI

Infographic | The IIoT is expected to transform business processes and increase productivity but, how does it actually add value to a facility? Learn how smart sensors and devices create utility cost savings, boost uptime and more. 

Sunwest Aviation Achieves 86% in Energy Savings

Case Study | With a hangar full of noisy and inefficient fixtures, Sunwest Aviation needed a better solution. Learn how intelligent LED lights achieved 86% in yearly energy savings, improved facility working conditions, and instrumented the IIoT. 

The Value of a Cross-Functional IIoT Team

Blog | The instrumentation of the IIoT isn’t one department’s responsibility. Learn how a cross-functional IIoT implementation can benefit facility managers and other departments within your company. 

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