Industrial IoT Solutions
Through Intelligence Overhead.

Digital Lumens is driving the industrial IoT revolution by providing superior software, smart sensors, and system integration. Its cloud-based intelligence platform, SiteWorx, brings the tangible benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to industrial environments worldwide, and leverages the power of intelligent, connected lighting and wireless IoT sensors to deliver business intelligence from a unique vantage point—overhead. Its IIoT solutions have been deployed across nearly 500 million square feet of space, and and delivered proven results for real-world clients in 45 countries.

100% of the lighting for 10% of the cost.

Digital Lumens’ next-generation, LED-based lighting systems deliver 100% of the light for 10% of the energy cost. The result? Our customers dramatically reduce the cost of lighting their facilities, gain precise control over where, when and how much light is available, and slash their carbon footprint.

Superior performance, reliability, and ROI.

Specifically designed for industrial environments, Digital Lumens’ solutions provide superior operational performance, reliability and durability. By decreasing both energy consumption and ongoing maintenance, customers can achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI), and can invest the dollars saved in other areas of their businesses.

Instrument for the IIoT.

SiteWorx is a suite of industrial IoT applications that deliver unprecedented control, insight, and value to facilities through Intelligence Overhead. With Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures and Digital Light Agent smart sensors, your facility is immediately instrumented with an easily expandable IIoT platform that pays for itself through energy savings.

Facility-wide IIoT enables flexible, easy deployment of additional sensor-based solutions that extend beyond lighting to deliver even greater operational insight and control, as well as new value streams.