Inspired by Ginny, the über-creative voice of the LED lighting revolution at Cree, we did some very bad things to some very good bunnies.  Earlier this week, Ginny posted a blog, “Chocolate bunny melts under incandescent light, survives LED light,” which showed the fates of chocolate bunnies under a 12 Watt Cree LRP-38 and a 65 Watt incandescent floodlight.  The 90-minute time lapse video shows how much wasted energy incandescent lights give off if the form of heat. Floodlight bunny did not meet a happy end.

We decided to expand the experiment to our category of lighting – high bay — and do a side-by-side comparison of chocolate bunnies under the Digital Lumens Intelligent Light Engine (part of our Intelligent Lighting System) and a 400 Watt HID fixture that we typically replace.  The question was how long it would take for our bunnies to feel the effects?

Our featured bunnies were named ‘Parsnip Pete,’ according to the box, and were really quite winning.  One with a dapper green bow, the other with a pink one.  It didn’t take long to get our answer.

Under the intense light of the 400 Watt fixture, HID Pete started to melt and lost an ear at the 5-minute mark, and went down hard 10-minutes in. At the 13-minute mark, it was all over.  Poor HID Parsnip Pete was a chocolate puddle with a lone yellow eye and a pink ribbon the only evidence of his former self – edible only with a spoon.

How’d the Digital Lumens Pete fare? The top of his ears was a little sticky to the touch at 13 minutes, but otherwise unscathed. He’s still standing as I type (unless someone got hungry).

So what’s the point? We were, admittedly, completely smitten by the Cree video and curious about the principle in our application. We now have an amusing-yet-vivid illustration of the differences between our solution and customers’ existing fixtures, showing just how much heat HID fixtures introduce into customers’ facilities and how much heat is directed at the products stored on warehouse racks. That heat is not only a wasteful byproduct of incandescent lights but must then be removed with additional energy for the chiller or climate control system.

The moral of the story of the two bunnies? When considering high-bay lighting solutions for your facility, remember the fate of Parsnip Pete!

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