The latest version of our lighting control and business intelligence platform, LightRules 3.0, is here with a new set of enhancements designed to help facility operations teams increase the productivity of their business and reduce cost.

Previous updates have introduced features and functionality that created a smart (or smarter) building through a multitude of lighting and sensor-based data; with LightRules 3.0, we paid particular attention to improving the user experience. Specifically, the ease with which facility and operations managers can access, apply, and share the data, information, and insights generated by our intelligent lighting systems.

To achieve this, the look, feel, and usability of our dashboard and reporting tools have been completely redesigned, with several new stand-out features:

Dashboard. View real-time status of the lighting system, facility occupancy, and energy usage.

Energy Reports. Better manage energy consumption through robust data analysis tools.

Heatmap Report. Manage space more effectively and improve productivity through improved visibility into facility traffic patterns over time.

Week Grid Report. Optimize labor and production schedules through hourly and daily data sets and trends.

Monthly Email Reports. Easily share energy usage, savings, occupancy, and trends for the previous month.

These new features, and many more, make it easier for businesses to validate energy usage, spot trends, and make informed decisions that will improve not just energy costs, but also facility productivity and safety.

For more detailed information, visit the LightRules product page.

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