We are starting off 2014 with an exciting product expansion of our DLE family of intelligent LED fixtures.  These new members of the Digital Lumens product family are specifically designed to address new applications for our expanding commercial and industrial customer base – plus serve new customers in a wide variety of functions and industries.

First, we are “thinking big” — meaning very large commercial & industrial facilities and with our new 48,000 lumen DLE Intelligent LED luminaires.  The DLE-48 is ideal for large facilities with extremely high ceiling heights that are greater than 50 feet/15 meters.  Typical applications will include arenas, convention centers, large manufacturing facilities, shipbuilding, aircraft hangars, and other very large facilities.

Until the introduction of the DLE-48, these applications have not had the option of considering fully intelligent LED fixtures and take advantage of the massive energy savings they can provide.  The DLE-48 will replace inefficient legacy lighting fixtures (e.g., 1000 watt metal halide) and provide energy savings of up to 90% — while also virtually eliminating maintenance costs, which can be very high in buildings with ceilings over 5 stories high!  Of course, the DLE-48 has fully integrated sensors, power monitoring, local intelligence, wireless networking and full integration with our award-winning LightRules® web-based management software.

We are also very excited about some other new members of the DLE family that allow us to address a host of new applications.  With new color temperature and diffuse optics options for our DLE products, Digital Lumens intelligence will be moving into retail, sporting facilities, and other applications that require warmer color temperatures and maximum efficiency with minimal glare.

With this exciting expansion of our DLE product family, Digital Lumens will bring the Internet of Lights to more customers across more applications worldwide.

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