Whether it’s occupancy trends, environmental conditions, or utility usage, industrial facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and factories generate massive amounts of data. The manual collection, consolidation, and analysis of this data can pose many challenges as it risks the interference of human error and is a less than ideal use of valuable man-hours.

How can facilities accurately, and efficiently, capture important data and uncover new insights?

SiteWorx Sense, a facility and process monitoring software solution, works together with industrial sensors to track, verify and centralize data. Users can capture and measure facility-wide activities such as utilities consumption (Water, air, gas, electricity and steam, or W.A.G.E.S), environmental conditions such as temperature and relative humidity, and line-level machine usage or behavior such as vibration. SiteWorx Sense also enables users to set alarms to send notifications via SMS and email when smart sensors record data outside of a pre-determined benchmark. Watch the video below to learn more.


Discover how SiteWorx Sense can bring efficiency and value to your facility, site or enterprise.

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