California has long been at the forefront of many trends across numerous industries – from music to fitness and, of course, energy. With some of the most forward-looking energy codes, the state is farther down the road than most in managing its energy consumption and environmental impact. The cornerstone of these efforts, the Title 24 building energy code, has made a tremendous impact and is being expanded — effective July 1, 2014 — with new requirements. For non-residential lighting, Title 24 stipulates:

  • Manual lighting controls must be accessible on a room-by-room basis;
  • Occupancy sensors are required in corridors, stairwells and aisles/open areas in warehouses;
  • ADR (automated demand response) is required in buildings 10,000 sq. ft. and larger;
  • Daylight harvesting is required in primary and secondary side-list areas

As with fulfilling any requirement, the challenge is to find solutions that meet or exceed those criteria, while providing the performance that will support your operations. Historically, implementing these types of controls measures involved integrating multiple products – often with sensors from one vendor, software from another and fixtures from others – into a makeshift solution that presented service and support challenges. Not to mention the challenges of appending controls measures to high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) fixtures that were ill suited to being managed. But that is not the case with Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting Systems, which support the latest enhancements to Title 24 and deliver peerless energy efficiency and excellent performance – all in a fully integrated system.

In fact, the Digital Lumens System offers numerous paths to Title 24 compliance for commercial and industrial facilities considering a lighting upgrade. For commercial and industrial facilities with high bay and linear fixtures, Digital Lumens networks of smart, LED-based fixtures – all with integrated daylight and occupancy sensing, and all wirelessly managed via LightRules energy and intelligence software – are Title-24-ready. And our recently announced Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family makes it possible to make any fixture from any manufacturer a LightRules-ready part of an intelligent lighting system – with signature efficiency, flexibility and control.

And if you don’t live in California? There’s absolutely no reason that you have to live there to enjoy the benefits of intelligent lighting systems; you just don’t have to have it mandated.

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