The countdown is on! In just eight days, the doors to O’Reilly’s Solid Conference will open in San Francisco with workshops on June 23, and keynotes, conference agenda, and exhibits running on June 24th and 25th. Dedicated to all things ‘hardware, software, and the Internet of Things,’ Solid brings together a broad, thoughtful community of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees who are there to share, discuss, and display the many elements that are intersecting to make the physical world an instrumented and responsive part of the computing landscape.

Here is a summary from Jon Bruner, Solid Conference chair, excerpted from his June 4 Radar post, Why the Internet of Things isn’t the same as the new hardware movement: Cheap, accessible, open hardware is driving the IoT:

Solid covers topics that exist in the overlap between the new hardware movement and the Internet of Things, as well as topics from each side. We focus slightly more on the hardware side, though, because it is on this side that practitioners identify themselves and see tools that they need to learn. Technical skills include industrial design, prototyping, electrical and mechanical engineering, design for manufacture, embedded-systems programming, and network engineering.

Digital Lumens will be there for a second year with an Intelligent LED Lighting System network deployed across the exhibits area, and we couldn’t be more psyched. Showcasing the power of intelligent lighting is an incredibly compelling way to illustrate the IoT at work, and serves as a catalyst for helping participants consider the implications of the IoT in the built environment.

In addition to displaying simple energy and daylight harvesting savings vs. the metal halides fixtures that typically illuminate the Fort Mason Conference Center, the DL system provides sensor-based insights into exhibit hall traffic patterns, showing where people are distributed across the space, at what time of day, and more. When correlated with other available information, more details and meaningful insights emerge — another window into the conference, which we will show at Solid 2015.

And that is the beauty of intelligent lighting. Embedded sensors and controls drive efficiency and deployment of this next-generation technology across the built environment, but the long-term value is in the sensor data and operational insights.

We hope to see you there and encourage you to attend if you are considering it. And, if you are planning to register, but haven’t already, please use this VIP discount code for 25% off of registration: Digital25

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

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