Golden seal emblem for Plant Engineering Product of the YearOn April 16th, Plant Engineering handed out awards for 2017’s best products in global manufacturing innovation. Digital Lumens’ SiteWorx Tune was honored with a Silver Award in the Lighting category for its implementation of new technology to solve traditional problems such as reducing plant energy usage and costs.

SiteWorx Tune is a simple, powerful lighting control solution, which uses sensor-based intelligence and advanced software to maximize energy savings and helps customers improve operational productivity and employee safety through occupancy and usage reporting. Using SiteWorx Tune, facility managers can deploy and automate an array of lighting strategies such as progressive dimming, daylight harvesting, task tuning, and off-hour setback achieve up to 90% in energy savings.

Tune works in tandem with Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures, or third-party fixtures equipped with Digital Light Agent (DLA) lighting control sensors. Every Digital Lumens fixture or DLA is compatible with the SiteWorx smart building platform and immediately equips industrial and commercial facilities, sites, and enterprises for IoT solutions beyond lighting control.

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