The Design Lights Consortium (DLC), a nonprofit with the mission to improve efficient lighting, encourage thought leadership, provide resources, and define lighting quality, recently certified Digital Lumens’ SiteWorx Tune to its Networked Lighting Control Qualified Products List (QPL).

The Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List (QPL) badge.
The official Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List (QPL) badge.

SiteWorx Tune is an intelligent lighting control application that uses intelligent LED fixtures, smart sensors, and advanced, cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, and maintain safe, comfortable light levels. Through SiteWorx Tune, facilities are also instrumented for the Industrial IoT and enabled for easy deployment of additional sensor-based applications that extend beyond lighting to create new insights, efficiencies, and value streams.

The DLC and Networked Lighting Control Systems QPL

Companies and organizations who seek DLC certification work in collaboration with the consortium and go through multiple steps to demonstrate a product’s features. Customer-facing evidence which shows how the public can benefit from, commission, and use a product is critical part of the certification process. Because it seeks to be a resource for end users as well as businesses in the commercial and industrial lighting space, the DLC has amassed the largest verified list of high performing LED lighting products and the first and only QPL for networked lighting control systems. Digital Lumens has a variety of hardware and software products on the DLC’s Network Lighting Control and Solid-State Lighting QPLs and re-certifies all of them for DLC approval annually.

Graphic design mock up of the SiteWorx IIoT software platform user interface.
SiteWorx Tune applies multiple lighting control strategies to achieve up to 90% energy savings and maintain safe, comfortable light levels across the facility.

Intelligent Lighting Control That Goes Beyond Illumination

Accessible via web and mobile applications, SiteWorx Tune’s intuitive software provides easy management of lighting system settings and comprehensive reporting tools to maximize energy savings, safety, and visual comfort. Through advanced lighting strategies such as task tuning, automatic setback, and daylight harvesting, SiteWorx Tune can help to achieve up to 90% in energy savings. With those savings, facilities can justify a more robust IIoT solution that creates new efficiencies through environmental, process, and utility monitoring for water, compressed air, electricity, and more.

IIoT Benefits Beyond Illumination:  

  • Reliably automate collection and centralization of critical facility data
  • Proactively identify issues or risks that can result in unplanned downtime
  • Measure and benchmark energy usage, utility costs, and more across areas, facilities, and sites

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