It’s no secret that high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) fixtures are a staple in industrial lighting applications. From warehouses and manufacturing facilities, to aviation hangars, maintenance depots and others, HIFs have provided a lower-wattage alternative to other high bay fixtures.

What many facility managers don’t know is that there is an opportunity for further efficiency gains – often dramatic– in moving from HIF to intelligent LEDs. In fact, in the last 12 months, we have had numerous customer projects – in a broad range of facility types – that have made the transition to intelligent LED lighting systems, saving 70% — 90% on lighting energy, and securing rapid project paybacks. How? By controlling all aspects of lighting efficiency.

Our new white paper, “Think You’ve Achieved Maximum Lighting Performance and Efficiency with Your Fluorescent Upgrade? Think Again.” explores the drivers of lighting efficiency, and how LED-based intelligent lighting systems provide a high-performance, high-efficiency alternative.  (There are also other white papers on this same page, if you’re interested.)

So if you’ve installed HIF and think that:

  • There’s not a viable business case for upgrading to intelligent LED system
  • You can’t get any more efficient lighting than you already have
  • Utilities won’t provide incentives for the transition from HIF to LED

It’s time to revisit those assumptions. Intelligent LED systems provide numerous benefits beyond efficiency – operational insight, ongoing fine-tuning, detailed reporting and analysis, no re-lamping, no re-ballasting and more. But those additional benefits are paid for with the efficiency savings – regardless of what lighting source you are upgrading from. Check out the white paper for details.

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