Today’s announcement that Americold has chosen to deploy the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System across multiple facilities is noteworthy for many reasons – but, particularly because it illustrates the benefits of scaling energy efficiency savings.  Once a decision has been made to embrace an energy efficiency measure, there is no benefit to delaying implementation.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Every day that an energy efficiency project is deferred leaves savings on the table.

Digital Lumens works with facility executives and staff that fall into two groups:

  1. The “Let us get started; Time is Money” folks, and
  2. The “My lights are on, they are paid for, what is the rush?” team.

The “Time is Money” people aggressively pursue energy efficiency initiatives – either for a single site or multiple locations.  This group is crystal clear that energy efficiency investments are some of the best decisions and can offer very appealing paybacks.  The process starts with rigorous analysis – both functional and financial – to ensure that the performance and economic benefits of a project will be achieved.  Then prioritization begins, usually starting with the projects offering the most compelling payback and total cost of ownership (TCO).  Lighting is almost always on the top of this prioritized list.  Where else can you see a payback of less than two years on a large-scale project that reduces operating costs by 90%?

Meanwhile, the “No Rush” team believes that the existing lights are not really costing anything or at the very least that there is little urgency to taking action.   But, a close look at operating budgets and at the costs that have been built into budgets for so long that the spending just seems like a given, makes it readily apparent that things need to change.  If the existing systems are not as efficient as possible, then operating dollars – that could be used for creating jobs or profits or both – are going wasted.

The Americold team, working with Groom Energy Solutions, knows that time is money, and is moving to rapidly lock in savings.  Whether in existing facilities where the lighting is being upgraded or entirely new sites, Americold is clear that aggressive implementation is the best path.

We are delighted that Americold has selected the Digital Lumens and look forward to working with them as they scale up the savings over time while enjoying the other advantages of the system.  The LightRules management software enables the Americold team to configure and control lighting.  And, the ability to easily generate detailed reports on exactly how much lighting energy is used means that intelligence will be paying financial and operational dividends for years to come.

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