The lighting industry’s premier event in the United States, LightFair, wrapped just over two weeks ago – after most of the major players worldwide took the opportunity to show off their latest innovations. Digital Lumens was no exception, showcasing our Digital Light Agent (DLA) products, which encapsulate our signature intelligence, managing a Philips office troffer, using their latest Xitanium SR driver technology, and two Bruck fixtures with Xicato’s XIM intelligent LEDs. We also featured our own portfolio of intelligent LED fixtures, including the latest, the LLE, which is an intelligent linear LED designed to replace one-lamp and two-lamp fluorescent luminaires in a broad range of applications like grocery store aisles, parking garages, and warehouse pick areas. The products on display were tangible evidence of our recent Intelligence Everywhere announcements, which extend intelligence to all environments – office, retail, and anywhere else that LED lighting is being widely deployed.

Three things that stood out for me:

  • Old timey lamps: Everyone has conceded that LEDs are inevitable and were on display in almost every booth. It was really jarring to find an incandescent, fluorescent, or HID in a booth. Same kind of feeling you get when you find a rotary telephone or tube TV in grandma’s attic. Unlike vinyl, none of these technologies is coming back.
  • The health benefits and consequences of lights: The quality, intensity, schedule, and color of light directly impacts building inhabitants – be they people, animals, or plants. This will become a major focus over the next few years – take a look at the interesting overview by the Department of Energy.
  • Lighting controls: We are still a bit away before everyone concedes that every light should be intelligent (sounds like a good tag line though). Controls and management applications figured prominently in the all of the leading lighting companies. From the DL perspective, we welcome everyone to the party. 100% of the DL installations feature smart lights – for most other vendors, that number is below 10%.

For our company’s founders, this was the 15th consecutive LightFair, making 2015 in New York Sweet 16. We will see you there.

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