Since announcing the availability of our Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family in May of this year, the Digital Lumens team has been busy working with LED driver and luminaire manufacturers to provide a direct path to integration into intelligent lighting networks. By enabling these manufacturers to easily integrate their products with our DLA family and LightRules, Digital Lumens’ enterprise-scale lighting and energy management platform, we are rapidly expanding the reach of intelligent lighting into a host of new commercial and industrial lighting applications.

One LED driver company leading the way in this area is Philips, who recently announced an innovative new line of LED drivers – Xitanium SR – that will enable luminaire manufacturers to deliver products that are directly compatible with Digital Lumens’ LightRules platform. Xitanium SR drivers allow any fixture manufacturer to easily upgrade new and existing products to take advantage of the industry-wide transition to connected lighting.

We applaud Philips for taking this important step to enable intelligent LED lighting at the component level. By bundling several functions into the LED driver, they reduce the need for auxiliary components, and make wirelessly controlled light fixtures less complex and less costly. The combination of Xitanium SR drivers and Digital Lumens DLAs provide many of the same intelligent features as Digital Lumens’ award-winning LED fixtures – including precise dimming, integrated power monitoring, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and wireless connectivity to our LightRules platform.

Xitanium SR drivers will be making their way into a new generation of lighting fixtures for commercial office applications soon, providing Digital Lumens customers with even more options for intelligent lighting.

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