Today, Digital Lumens announced an expansion of our Intelligent LED Lighting System with MORE light and MORE intelligence.  As always, our goal is to provide our customers and partners with the most efficient solution driven by the most intelligent system.  First, we upped the ante on raw light output with two new fixtures — 18,000 and 26,000 lumen highbay fixtures — that increase the range of applications and markets we can reach.  Second, we added integrated daylight sensors and control software that for the first time provides fine-level control of our lights in environments with natural sunlight.

With these new highbay LED light fixtures, we now offer a broad spectrum of outputs from 10,000-lumens to 26,000 lumens allowing our customers to pick the right light for the job.  The higher brightness LED light fixtures are ideal for applications that have wide open spaces, higher ceilings, or intense foot candle requirements.  Like our current 10,000 and 15,000 lumen highbay LED light fixtures, the new offerings have embedded occupancy sensors, integrated intelligence, wireless networking, plus modular rotatable light bars.  The new fixtures have two important enhancements — increased environmental protection (IP65) further expanding the applications to damp locations, food processing, and exterior covered locations — and an embedded daylight sensor.

Like the embedded occupancy sensor available in all of our fixtures, the new daylight sensor is fully integrated into every one of the 18,000 lumens and 26,000 lumens LED lights and software-controlled to provide the perfect balance between performance and energy savings.  Unlike tacked-on sensors available from other manufacturers, the DL architecture has numerous benefits. Because it is integrated, it is less expensive and cumbersome for the customer (no additional installation), while increasing energy savings with granular, per-LED light control that matches lighting to the demands of the business and environment.  The Digital Lumens implementation also provides LightRules reports that show just how much energy is being saved – proving that the Digital Lumens Daylighting saves 25% to 50% more energy than the competition. That information can be shared within the facility, throughout the corporation, and with the utility.  Bolt-on, after-market daylight sensors simply cannot compare – either on the basis of functionality or energy savings to this approach.

Digital Lumens maintains an unwavering focus on saving our customers MORE money.  This drives every decision we make as we continuously enhance the Intelligent LED Lighting System.  Part of this focus is empowering our customer with MORE information and MORE money-saving options, enabling them to direct MORE of their financial resources to the critical parts of their businesses.  Read here for more on today’s announcement on the product line expansion  and daylight harvesting.

MORE light + MORE intelligence = the MOST savings.

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