We’ve said it before and will say it again. And again. The key to industrial lighting efficiency is intelligent, well-designed LED fixtures with fully integrated controls. System-wide.  Not after-market controls applied to simple (unintelligent) fixtures.

For industrial lighting customers in particular, the bolt-on approach – whether using fluorescents or LEDs – delivers modest benefits with modest savings. Not to mention the challenges or expenses related to working with multiple vendors. Which is why we build a complete lighting system – of smart, LED high bay fixtures that have intelligence and both occupancy and daylight sensors built into every one. And those fixtures communicate wirelessly with LightRules, the Digital Lumens lighting management system.

What is critical is that this systems-based approach delivers far more energy efficient operation than standalone fixtures with aftermarket controls.  Fine-grained, fixture-by-fixture controls – whether for occupancy, daylight harvesting, or dimming settings — manage lighting delivery at a more granular and more efficient level, which translates to significant kWh savings. What’s more? This approach makes life easier for facility managers – providing more functionality and better ability to align lighting to the business needs, or find further energy savings opportunities. (When was the last time that lighting ever made a facility manager’s job easier?)

With the latest release of LightRules 2.0, we are expanding the most intuitive industrial lighting controls system on the market with more power, and even greater ease of use. Facilities managers use complex technology in their buildings every day to optimize performance. With LightRules, they have an incredibly powerful resource for managing lighting, and get massive energy savings along the way. And it’s easy to use – both for fine-tuning the lighting system settings and for gathering key performance metrics.

LightRules has always provided lighting energy use by fixture, aisle, zone or room – any level of detail. With LightRules 2.0, the process of gathering that information just got easier with interactive facility maps that show lighting and system feedback as an overlay on the facility layout. This approach means that a quick glance at the facility map will tell you where activity is concentrated in the facility and which lights are using the most power and more. The standard and customized chart views of energy use are also available for sharing and reporting.  These additions just make the process that much easier and more seamless. Not to mention the addition of ‘what-if’ analysis to see what the impact would be of changing lighting program settings.

The old adage, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ couldn’t be more true. With LightRules 2.0, managing and measuring just got easier.

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