Listening to specific product feedback, feature requests, or myriad other input is one of the benefits of working closely and directly with our rapidly expanding base of customers and partners. Often dubbed ‘voice of the customer,’ it plays a key role in prioritizing product features on the strategic roadmap. And it is in large part due to this input that we are adding an entry-level high bay LED product to our portfolio – Digital Lumens Xpress.

The 10,000-lumen Xpress LED fixture features the hallmarks of the Digital Lumens product family: rugged, high-quality design, fixture flexibility, high efficiency, and extends the core design principles of rotatable light bars and our world-class occupancy sensor. It gives facility managers who want occupancy-driven LED lighting a simple, cost-effective option that will save 75-90% over traditional HID and HIF lighting.

So, what’s the right Digital Lumens solution for your facility?

Xpress is an excellent option if you want a world-class high bay fixture with integrated occupancy sensing and highly efficient operation. Manually configured sensor timeouts and dimming settings are established when the fixtures are installed and provide excellent light quality as needed. Rather than a simple LED fixture that requires an aftermarket sensor, Xpress provides seamless integration and greater energy savings – combined with the Digital Lumens quality and five-year warranty.

The Intelligent LED Lighting System, which has set the standard for industrial lighting power, efficiency and flexibility, continues to be the best option on the market for facilities that want maximum efficiency and control. The system features 13,000, 18,000 and 26,000 lumen fixtures – all with integrated occupancy and daylight sensing, an IP65 rating, and wireless networking – that are integrated with LightRules lighting management software for standard and customized reporting and fine tuning of lighting settings. With the Intelligent Lighting System, industrial lighting becomes a well-managed resource, rather than an expensive, high-maintenance nuisance. The Intelligent Lighting System also now includes LightRules Monitor™, a remote diagnostic and optimization service. The first in a line of Digital Lumens service offerings, LightRules Monitor adds another layer to already-robust control and reporting, by giving customers insightful analysis to help align their lighting with their facility operations and wring that last bit of savings from their Intelligent Lighting System.

So, the message should be loud and clear that we are listening to feedback. All feedback. And we will continue to do our best to respond with solutions that meet our growing customer base’s requirements.


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