If you manage a manufacturing facility, warehouse, logistics center or any other industrial facility, you know that energy efficiency is critical to running a successful operation. In an effort to become more efficient, many facilities install intelligent lighting and controls to reduce energy use, achieve energy savings, and reach sustainability goals. However, there is the opportunity for facilities to do a lot more beyond the installation of intelligent lighting to increase energy savings and reach important goals.

Industrial facilities have HVAC systems, fans, compressors, conveyor belts, and more which can all consume a lot of electricity. Many of these systems can be left on 24/7 even if it sits empty for hours on end. In the same way that integrated sensors can use occupancy to minimize electricity use in lighting, what if there was a way to turn these systems on and off?

Now, there is with SiteWorx Sense Occupancy-Based Load Control. The same occupancy data that controls lights in SiteWorx Tune can now be used independently to open or close relays in either the Wireless I/O (SWN-WIO), or the Smart Cord (SWN-CRD) – a new and dramatic opportunity for facilities to maximize energy savings, minimize utility waste, and optimize equipment utilization.

The Digital Lumens SWN-CRD smart cord is an intelligent plug load control device that automatically capitalizes on energy savings opportunities by coordination with occupancy sensors while providing real-time energy savings validation through integrated power metering.


Close up of SiteWorx wireless input/output device.
The Digital Lumens SWN-WIO is a DIN rail-mounted, wireless, multi-function I/O module that connects and integrates an extensive range of industrial sensors with the SiteWorx™ Sense application to collect and act upon facility, process, and production data.

Here are some examples of Occupancy-Based Load Control:

  • Shutting industrial fans off in a work cell after the cell has been unoccupied for 20 minutes, maximizing energy savings.
  • Triggering a ventilation or filtration system to turn on 
  • Using an industrial relay connected to the Wireless I/O device to shut off a conveyor system 
  • Switching off branches of compressed air distribution systems based on occupancy
  • Turning a humidifier on or off when a space is occupied
  • Turning on a color indicator light when a cell or space is occupied to signal that it is in-use;
  • Sending a trigger to an industrial PLC to inform more complex, BMS-controlled systems like HVAC

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