Modern warehouses and storage facilities operate in an almost seamless clockwork fashion that maximizes all available space. The ability to quickly and safely pick and pack required materials to complete an order is critical, even in tight spaces.

One way that facilities are making the best use of their available space is with mobile racking systems. These storage racks move and join with adjacent sets of industrial-sized shelving, opening up to allow a forklift to enter. This allows facilities to greatly increase storage space over a facility with fixed shelving. Mobile racking systems are more common in Europe due to space constraints, and our intelligent lighting complements those systems with energy efficiency and space efficiency.

One such facility that combines mobile racking with our intelligent lighting system is our recently announced customer, Ardo UK in Kent, England, one of the largest frozen fruit, vegetable and carbohydrate producers in the world. Previously, Ardo kept their aging 400W HID lights on 24/7. There was no way to dim or automatically trigger on/off with these fixtures, and forget about trying to synch up lighting that would adjust to illuminate the most active parts of the cold storage area or keep up with mobile racks. While the space was used efficiently, the lighting wasn’t.

Now, with the installation of Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, as the racks open in Ardo’s mobile racking storage, integrated occupancy sensors within each fixture turn lights on to provide lighting for workers when and where needed. If an aisle is vacant for more than 30 seconds, lighting turns off until a sensor is reactivated. Lighting instantly reaches full illumination, then dims again.

The system is enabling Ardo UK to reduce annual lighting energy costs by an amazing 97%, and further deliver on its company-wide commitment to sustainability. No other lighting options exist that can keep up with moving storage units and active staff in modern facilities, and deliver savings to smart companies like Ardo.

We are honored that Ardo UK selected the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System to keep up with their busy, automated facility. We’re always looking to meet customers’ most challenging demands, while we deliver energy savings and great lighting.


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