What could be better than a product that pays for itself?  How about a product that pays you?  The deep savings you can get with the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System is now coupled with an innovative financing program from our new partner, RELAMP LED, allowing customers to immediately put money back in their pocket with no up-front capital outlay.

What’s noteworthy about it?

  • The new lighting system is cash flow positive from Day 1. How can that be?  Combined monthly loan repayments (principal and interest) and reduced lighting bill are less than the previous electricity bills from the old lighting.  Simple math and money in the bank.  Starting on day 1.  With no money out of pocket.
  • Any Digital Lumens reseller can offer this financing program to their customers. It’s not just large ESCOs working with municipalities who offer financing options.
  • Financing is a great option – even for projects with short payback periods.  The Digital Lumens system typically has a payback of two years or less, depending on the number of shifts in a facility and incentives offered by the utility.  Financing does add a bit to the total cost of ownership, but with the flexibility of getting your savings started without any up-front expense, there’s no reason to wait.  And, after the lighting system is paid for, all the savings go into your pocket, for years to come.

Looking at the broader landscape of innovation across the entire cleantech field, financing has and will continue to play an important role in facilitating customers’ adoption of these offerings.  It is an accepted strategy for acquiring all types of traditional equipment used in the supply chain – lifts, trucks, racking systems, HVAC, and more – so extending it to cleantech of products is a big win.  And, the deep savings from our intelligent lighting systems makes financing more attractive than ever.

A Digital Lumens purchase has the long-term advantages of improving the work environment, reducing long-term exposure to utility rate increases, and providing more insight into how the business runs.  How to pay for it is now a no-brainer, too.

The option of paying for this purchase out of savings is terrific for our customers as they strategize about how to best use their resources.  Our thanks to RELAMP LED for working with us on this fantastic program!

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