We received absolutely the best customer email yesterday! Yes, we love notes telling us how wonderful their Digital Lumens System is, but this was even better. The note was from one of our customers who had received an unexpected visit from their utility repair crew. Now that’s not normally good news, but this was.

It turned out that the customer’s utility company was reviewing bills before putting them in the mail. Upon closer inspection and comparison with previous bills, the utility manager determined that there was an issue. The bill was so much lower than before that clearly there had to be a defective meter. So, the repair team was dispatched to investigate and resolve.

When the technician arrived, he found that the meter was just fine. And the facility owner – with delight – showed off his new Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, walked through a full set of LightRules reports about lighting energy use, and explained that the industrial lighting upgrade was the reason for the new readings. There was no meter-related issue.

What this anecdote says to me is that we need to work harder to re-set people’s expectations around lighting energy use. When we initially tell customers and utility managers that we can save up to 90% of their lighting energy use (and sometimes more), they don’t believe us. But we want facility managers, building owners, and utility program managers to expect more from lighting vendors. We can meet – and often exceed — those expectations, and have a growing list of customers and huge volumes of data to back up these seemingly unattainable claims.

Best of all? In addition to a very happy customer, we now have another Digital Lumens believer – the repair technician for a large Midwestern utility.

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