As summer moves toward the finish line, see what is newsworthy in the Industrial IoT world. Data platforms, smart lighting and IoT verticals are trending topics this week. Read three hand-selected articles in this week’s round up:

1. Building a great data platform

For any sizable company, a state-of-the-art data and analytics platform is no longer an option but a necessity. Such a platform acts as a central repository for all data, distills them into a single source of truth, and supports the scaling up of sophisticated digital- and advanced-analytics programs that translate data into business value.

Read the whole article  by Adrian Booth, Jeff Hart and Stuart Sim on McKinsey

Graphic design showing IoT and wireless communication concepts.
According to McKinsey, in developing and prioritizing use cases for your data and analytics platform, the single most important criterion is speed to business impact.


2. Can Office Lighting Really Make You More Productive?

The right type of office light can make you more productive. This is a concept we’ve been hearing more and more in recent years, albeit mainly from lighting vendors and those promoting their smart buildings that feature “human-centric” lighting. So is this all just bogus science being used to reinvent the light bulb or is there actually a proven scientific basis and evidence for these theories?

 Read the whole article on Memoori


3. Report: IoT Vertical Standards to Emerge and Then Merge

IoT will grow in industry-specific “clusters,” each adopting vertical standards and, eventually, the separate spheres will seek to talk to one another and merge, according to new research from Georgia Tech.

Read the whole article by Courtney Bjorlin at IoT World


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