Facility managers often face a daunting challenge: be everywhere at once, all the time. Between regular day-to-day tasks, facility health requirements, and unexpected failure events, their attention is in constant demand and imperative to the success of the business.

So, how does one manage all of these responsibilities and not just protect their facilities and operations, but improve them?

Interior of industrial facility with graphic design overlay to represent IIoT solution.
The IIoT creates new efficiencies in any kind of facility through actionable data.

More and more frequently, successful facility managers are turning to the Industrial IoT (IIoT), wireless networks of connected sensors and devices instrumented throughout a facility to create new insights and efficiencies. Through the deployment of the wireless sensors and wireless input/output (I/O) devices and SiteWorx Sense, facility managers can dynamically capture the data-driven insights they need to improve production processes, maximize savings, and run more efficient, profitable operations.

And now, SiteWorx Sense can help facility managers proactively track trends, anomalies and potential issues through its new Alarms feature. With the addition of Alarms for SiteWorx Sense, users will be able to configure alarms based on SiteWorx Sense Device data and trigger incident notifications via Email or SMS, allowing users to understand when their SiteWorx Sense Device data deviates from an established and/or pre-identified baseline or norm.

SiteWorx Sense Devices such as temperature/relative humidity sensors and the wireless input/output (I/O) modules allow users to better understand a facility’s environmental conditions, utility usage, machine performance, and much more. When these facility parameters and environmental conditions stray outside of their expected benchmarks, it could indicate unsafe environments, utility misuse, or equipment failure. 

Close up shot of IIoT solution, SiteWorx Sense dashboard showing blue and green graphs.
Alarms for SiteWorx Sense enable users to configure alarms based on SiteWorx Sense Device data and trigger incident notifications via Email or SMS.

Some examples of common SiteWorx Sense alarms:

  • Configure a notification for when the temperature in a particular area of the building is getting low enough for pipes to freeze
  • Configure a notification for when the CO2 levels in a work cell are reaching a near-unsafe level
  • Configure a notification for when the vibration on an air compressor is higher than normal, indicating potential mechanical damage

With SiteWorx Sense users can quickly reduce the need to manually monitor all processes for data excursions, or introduce dynamic monitoring where no monitoring at all previously existed. The result? Automated, centralized data and real-time alarms that allow facility managers to  detect abnormalities or damage in equipment to avoid costly, unplanned downtime, and gain a better overall understanding of facility health.

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