Industrial IoT (IIoT) security and expansion continue to make headlines across news outlets. Read three hand-selected articles on the subject in this week’s round up:

1. How AWS IoT Device Defender Secures Connected Devices

Amazon has recently announced the general availability of AWS IoT Device Defender, a service that audits, analyzes, and detects security violations in IoT deployments. The service that was initially announced at re:Invent in 2017 complements AWS IoT Core by securing the things registered with the device registry in the cloud.

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Securing the Industrial IoT (IIoT) will be an ongoing topic for years to come as more and more organizations implement smart building systems.

2. What is Cellular IoT?

You might be unable to answer the question, “what is cellular IoT?” But I’m sure you’re familiar with the underlying technology. Cellular networks connect your iPhone to Google Maps, Instagram, and Email; they carry your voice through the air. But gone are the times when we want to connect only with our friends and family. Now, we’re also seeing the value of connecting with the physical objects around us: the streetlights, parking meters, and hospitals that occupy our everyday urban lives, or the myriad industrial applications like manufacturing and agriculture that connectivity can enhance.

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3. Is Putting Cyber Security in the Hands of Artificial Intelligence a Good Idea?

On a recent typical day, 2.6 million people in 232 different countries, encounter newly discovered malware – a Microsoft investigation found. These attacks were comprised of 1.7 million distinct, first-seen malware and 60% of these campaigns were finished within the hour. Today, malware is on a scale that human cyber security efforts simply cannot handle, raising the question – can we use artificial intelligence (AI) to stop hackers?

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