Digital Lumens will display its intelligent lighting and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions at the IFMA’s World Workplace Asia Conference & Expo in Singapore on April 3rd-5th.

Photo of Singapore in the background with white text overlay for IFMA World Workplace Conference

Discover how intelligent LED lighting can help facilities achieve lighting-based energy savings of up to 90% while also instrumenting for the IIoT to create new operational insights and efficiencies. Through IIoT solutions such as SiteWorx Sense, facility managers have the opportunity to automate and centralize critical facility data, gain visibility into auxiliary spaces, minimize waste of utilities such as water, air, gas, electricity, and steam, and monitor machine-level usage to spot preventative maintenance opportunities.

Not attending IFMA’s World Workplace Asia Conference & Expo?  Contact us for more information about how Digital Lumens and SiteWorx can make your facility, site, or enterprise more productive.

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