Recently, Digital Lumens announced a broad expansion of its product portfolio, including Hazardous Location versions of its award-winning, intelligent LED fixtures. Until now, facilities requiring Class I Div2, Class II Div2 and Class III have had relatively few fixture choices, and none with the integrated intelligence that drives far greater energy efficiency and flexibility than simple LED or legacy HIF alternatives. In fact, the options have all been limited and at a price premium that makes project paybacks challenging.

Hazardous location environments require rugged, robust luminaire construction, coupled with excellent thermal management, and long life.  The choices to-date have included lower efficacy, high-wattage fluorescent and HID fixtures that have traditionally been left uncontrolled, driving high energy and maintenance costs. Plain LED options have been available for several years, though with high initial costs and without the controls necessary to meet oft-changing facility requirements. No solution has addressed these facilities’ needs with radical efficiency and compelling cost savings. Until now.

Incorporating Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence into highly efficient, IP65-rated LED luminaires – all with wireless mesh networking, integrated occupancy and daylight sensing –brings all the benefits of LED technology to hazardous location environments in the following classes: Class I Div2, Class II Div2 and Class III. Available in 13,000K, 18,000K and 26,000K versions, the Digital Lumens HLE family of Hazardous Location fixtures have 100,000+-hour expected lifetimes, flexible controls to meet ever-changing facility demands, and affordable up-front costs to deliver compelling energy savings and rapid project paybacks.

Energy reduction alone justifies the investment in long-life Intelligent LEDs. However, with no re-lamping and re-ballasting, maintenance savings further shorten project payback times. In hazardous location environments – from grain processing to petrochemical environments — the cost of re-lamping and re-ballasting can be significant, as fixtures are both tightly sealed and often inaccessible due to both environmental and scheduling constraints, adding to labor costs.

Needless to say, we strongly believe in the benefits of intelligent LED systems, and for facilities requiring hazardous location fixtures, the benefits are even greater: extreme efficiency that reduces a facility’s energy intensity and carbon footprint; control and flexibility to adapt lighting settings as facility needs change; and major maintenance savings in challenging environments. If your facility requires hazardous location fixtures, we hope you’ll check out the new product family to see if it fits your needs.

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