Industrial temperature control on boiler machine.

It’s 1AM and the temperature in your cold storage facility is unexpectedly increasing. Despite the HVAC system’s night setting being enabled, the temperature continues to rise above the ideal range for preservation of inventory quality and freshness. A few hours pass before an employee notices the temperature abnormality.

As a result of the temperature change, the inventory in the impacted area is deemed useless. In addition to the loss of goods, the problem within the HVAC system itself has to be diagnosed and then fixed. The unforeseen expenses of this incident cut into cash reserves and may even negatively impact profits.

Even though the HVAC glitch eventually gets resolved, a question still lingers whether or not this situation will happen again. What if there were a simple way to check the real-time temperature and relative humidity levels in your facility from a mobile device?

Sense, an IoT and smart sensor-based environmental monitoring application, tracks, reports and verifies temperature and relative humidity to create a smarter facility. Designed for the cold and ambient manufacturing, food production and warehousing facilities, Sense provides live data updates, detailed analysis of past and present temperature and relative humidity readings, and the ability to monitor your facility remotely with its mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

The Sense mobile application communicates with easy-to-mount Temperature and Relative Humidity (TRH) sensors that require minimal configuration and operate wirelessly. Once these smart sensors are placed throughout your facility, Sense will start to populate your dashboard with real-time data and analysis.

Sense enables facility managers to:

  • Track Temperature and Relative Humidity Remotely
  • Safeguard Product and Inventory Quality With Customized Alerts
  • Improve Process Efficiency
  • Ensure Code Compliance
  • Run a Monitoring System with Minimum Maintenance

Learn more about how Sense can improve quality control, meet critical code compliance and improve facility efficiency.

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