Here at Digital Lumens we produce intelligent LED lighting systems that radically reduce energy usage. We also support bike culture, for both recreation and transportation. When we located our office in downtown Boston we were blatantly voting for public transportation and bikes as a greener and healthier alternative to driving the Boston beltways. Everyday most of our employees take advantage of a great morning commute on two wheels, or enjoy reading a book or magazine on the subway or train. DL is fortunate that Boston is a progressive biking city where bikes are relatively common on the roads, with a strong bike culture.

Our in-office bike rack is full every day with a great assortment of rides.  We have high-end titanium, old-school custom steel, a lugged Rivendell beauty, and a full range of Ultegra, Chris King, and Campy.  But look closer at the rack and you will also see a classic English 3-speed, pragmatic Sturmey-archer hubs, a new, timing-belt driven contraption, a dirt jumper, and a couple of John McEnroe era ten speeds.  At lunchtime there are plenty of places to walk to, but the most efficient way to quickly run an errand is to grab a bike. You don’t need spandex; you can roll up your pants on your right leg, or simply grab one of the English 3-speeds. As Dutch bankers have known for years, the enclosed chain and upright position of these bikes means that you can ride to your destination quickly and without ruining your suit.

Let’s take a quick look at the impact of being a bicycle-friendly startup.  Digital Lumens employees travel a total of 404 miles a day to get to work.  Total CO2 produced per day with cyclists and public transit is 155.69 lbs.  If all Digital Lumens employees drove, Digital Lumens would produce 395.92 bs. of CO2 per day (thanks Mike). By installing our in-office bike rack and promoting cycling culture, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but we improve health, and reduce stress within our office. Perhaps insurance companies will eventually incentivize such behavior by decreasing health care premiums for companies that cycle or walk to work.  In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy riding our bikes.

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